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Add-On Trays and Kitchen Pail

On this website, you can place orders for delivery to the contiguous United States.

Contact us by phone at 503-252 9282 or email: info@worm2garden.com

VermiHut Add-on tray & Kitchen Compost Pail

Click to see detai of extra add-on trays.

VermiHut Add-On Tray:

Kitchen Pail

Kitchen compost pail: for family worm composting

Order Add-On Tray With
A Kitchen Pail To Save Shipping

Save on shipping & handling by ordering your add-on trays plus a kitchen pail.

Only $25.00 shipping & handling for up to 6 add-on trays and 1 kitchen pail.

    Type in the numbers of your order under selected colors for Add-on trays
Color:  Green 
Terra cotta
Dark Green


A Kitchen Pail will be put to shopping cart too

To order trays plus kitchen pail, click above .

Worm Composting BLOG

Best Worm Bin Condition:

Temperature: 72-74ºF

pH Level: 7


Well Ventilated
Best worm bin

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