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VermiHut Worm Bin Add-On Trays

On this website, you can place orders for delivery to the contiguous United States.

For order that need to be shipped to Hawaii, Alaska,
or outside of the US,
Contact us by phone at 503-252 9282 or email: info@worm2garden.com

Made from 100% recycled materials
Compatible with Worm Factory and Gusanito Worm Bin
Click to see detai size.

A VermiHut system can hold up to seven trays. Adding more trays will give your worms more space to work, reproduce, and compost.
Saving shipping/handling by ordering Add-on tray with kitchen pail.
Only $15 of Shipping/Handle for up to 6 Add-on trays and 1 kitchen pail

To order trays plus kitchen pail, click here


VermiHut Add-On Trays.
Fits most worm composting bins.


Size: W,D,H    16"X16"X5"
Weight: 1.25 lbs
Price: $Each

Shipping & Handling Fees:
(UPS Ground to Continenital States)
1      Tray $
2      Trays $
3 - 5 Trays $
6 - 7 Trays $

Choose color and quantity:
Color:  Green 
Terra cotta
Dark Green

Worm Composting BLOG

Best Worm Bin Condition:

Temperature: 72-74ºF

pH Level: 7


Well Ventilated
Best worm bin

BEST WORM BIN are made from 100% recycled materials. One BEST WORM BIN can convert up to 1,825 pounds of waste into organic soil in a year. If a town with thousands of families, and every family has one BEST WORM BIN, your town may be able to reduce its waste by about 800 tons. Starting with BEST WORM BIN, helping reduce waste for future generations to come

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