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Red Wiggler Worms and European Night Crawlers

On this website, you can place orders for delivery to the contiguous United States.

Contact us by phone at 503-252 9282 or email: info@worm2garden.com

Get your worms for your

worm bin here!

One pound of our worms are mixed with 10 - 16oz of bedding and packaged in a breathable bag.

Red Worms for composting.
for shipping
1.75g worms


We ship worms every Monday and Tuesday directly from our worm farm. If you order worms and a worm bin at the same time, they will be shipped separately. We will ship the worm bin first so you can set it up and prepare it for the worms. Then one week later, we ship the worms.

Shipping and Handling Charges (to the contiguous United States only).
1 - 2 Lbs $
3 - 5 Lbs $

For orders more than 5 Lbs Please contact us at
Phone: 503-252 9282
email: info@worm2garden.com

Composting Worms
Red Wiggler Worms and European Night Crawlers

Red WormsRed worm (Eisenia foetida)is an excellent composting worm. It can eat up to half its body weight each day and process large amount of organic matter. If red worms are happy in their environment, they reproduce quickly. The worm population in your bin could easily double in 60 to 90 days. .

Type in the quantity of pounds for ordering red worm

of lbs


1 Lb  2 Lbs 3 Lbs 4 Lbs 5 Lbs
$ $ $ $ $
How many lbs of Red Worms do you want?
Enter your quantity here :       Lbs

European Night CrawlersEuropean Night Crawler (Eisenia hortensis) is ideal fishing bait due to its large size. It is the toughest
worm on the market and the only earthworm that can be used in the brackish salt water. It also makes
and excellent choice to populate your worm composting bin.

Type in the quantity of pounds for ordering European Night Crawler

of lbs


1 Lb  2 Lbs 3 Lbs 4 Lbs 5 Lbs
$ $ $ $ $
How many lbs of Night Crawlers do you want?
Enter your quantity here: :    Lbs

To find out how to care for your worms once they arrive at their new home, click here.

Worm Composting BLOG

Best Worm Bin Condition:

Temperature: 72-74ºF

pH Level: 7


Well Ventilated
Best worm bin

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